Standard Valkyrie Specs:

Neck:    Three Piece Maple Neck-thru with no Scarf Joint, Dual action Rod.

Board:  Black Ebony or Brazilian Rosewood, fully bound with black side dots
               (wood chosen to accent body color)
            14" radius, 25" scale

Inlay:    H.E.L.  Flying Bats

Frets:   Choice of:
                            modern jumbo (really big)
                            medium Jumbo   (wide frets, but just a tad shorter and more comfortable)

Bridge:          Choice of:
                               Hipshot "Baby Grand" (pictured)
                               Tone Pros Locking Tune-O-Matic style String-thru Body

Tuners:           Gotoh Schaller Style, 3-per side (Chrome)

Pickups:          Choice of
                                EMG 81-85 Actives
                               Duncan Blackouts Actives

Controls:        One Volume, One Tone, 3-way switch.

Body:             American Black Walnut (it's the best for METAL, trust me!!)
                     Full body beveling on front, "beer belly" contour and standard round-over on rear

Paint:             Standard Basecoat/Clearcoat Urethane Gloss finish.
                             (Any Standard Color in the PPG book)

Straplocks:   Schaller Security Locks  (I DO NOT use Dunlop strap locks, PERIOD)

Case:           Choice of Gator "Extreme" or Coffin Case Explorer style

PRICE:          $1,350


                       Add $25 for Black Hardware  (I don't do gold.. it just gets fugly too quickly)

       Pickups:   Basically, anything you want can be done here.   Price will be adjusted according to   
                        the cost of electronics chosen over cost of standard pickups.

       Headstock:   The "Guthook" is standard on the Valkyrie to go with the body styling, however, a  
                             traditional 3 per-side or in-line "hockey stick" style may be substituted at no           

       Neck Radius:  Choose 10, 12, 14 or 16 inch standard radius in 24.75 25, or 25.5" scale at no    

                              10-14.5 compound radius, 25.5" scale length.. + $75..

       Fretboard:      Plain Hard Maple    -$10
                              Curly Maple            No Charge
                              Macassar Ebony    No Charge
                              "split Board" maple/Ebony with split block inlays of MOP and Abalone +$125

                      Figured Maple body cap with Transparent Finish color   $250

                      Black back with burst over edges on different color front $50

                      Three Step Pearl Coats, Color Changers and "flip Flops" priced according to material

                      Nitro Lacquer... Same pricing, however, add one month curing time to the build

       Inlay:       HEL Sterling silver, maple and MOP Scythes.   +$25
                      Standard MOP Block Inlays                               -$50
                      No Inlay                                                             -$100

                      YOUR inlay idea                                                 Call

While I list these guitars as "Standards" they are all Hand-Made to order, so if you want something
special, please call and ask about it, its YOUR guitar, it should be made to YOUR specifications,
which, is the whole idea behind ordering from a private Luthier instead of a mass production shop!