Custom Inlay

I offer custom inlay work on my production guitars.  Inlay is one
of the areas I pride myself on and I'm always pushing myself
to go further.

I use only "real" inlay materials:  Abalone, Mother of Pearl (MOP),
stone, gold, silver, etc..  All HEL guitars come with, at minimum,
MOP fretboard dots and side-marker dots. (the only exception
being fretboards with white or cream binding, as black plastic
dots are the most effective in this situation.  White plastic side
dots may also be installed in place of MOP or Abalone at the
request of the customer, as, in certain lighting situations, it may
be harder to see these as compared to white plastic)

In any case, you will NOT find Mother of Toilet Seat being used
for inlay materials on any of my guitars.   (if you do not know
what MOTS is...  just google it..  and you will see the shame of
some of the major manufactures that bought into it.)

Custom inlaid fretboards.  

For those who wish to build their own guitars, I will also make and
inlay a fretboard to the exact specifications supplied.  Any wood
species (suitable for fretboards, that is) is possible as I have the
ability to re-saw large billets into multiple fretboards, thus saving
the customer money in the process.

I can also inlay pre-radiused fretboards bought from guitar
suppliers, however, I prefer to start with a blank slate.

Replacing inlays on used or vintage guitars:

I can also install custom inlays on existing instruments..

HOWEVER..   the following rules apply.

I WILL NOT inlay a guitar neck with the frets still installed. If you want a custom inlay job on your guitar, the frets must be removed
and the board sanded flat before any work can begin.  (I WILL replace plastic dots with MOP or abalone dots without removing the

THEREFORE..   Custom inlay on an existing guitar will also require a complete re-fret and L.C.P.