H.E.L. Guitars:

I will stand behind every instrument I produce for quality of workmanship.  If the instrument needs repair caused by a defect in manufacture, I will fix it.... to
the point of building a new instrument.    

I will not be responsible, however, for damage caused to the instrument by the owner, a fan, a disgruntled girlfriend or another shop.  

I will, also, not be responsible for the failure of electronic devices past the original warranty date.   This is to include pickups and any active or passive
booster or EQ devices installed in the guitar.

I will however, replace, at no charge, faulty pots or switches (not attached to the circuit boards and /or supplied with active pickup sets) for a period of one
year after the date of sale.

That being said, if you DO happen to mung up your instrument through some freak accident, act of god or rage of a jilted lover, please call me.  As the
builder, I will have a better idea of how to fix it than someone who has never seen it before.  I will also take into
account that you bought the guitar from me when quoting repair costs.


I am also offer stringed instrument repair services, Electrics, Acoustics, Banjos, Mandolins even Dulcimers!!.  

Here are some of the services I offer:

Complete Instrument Setup:  This Includes:  Electronics checked and cleaned, Fretboard cleaned and oiled, Frets Polished, Intonation set, Truss rod set,      
           action set, tuners tightened, nut slots checked, and a the entire guitar cleaned.   (billed as one hour of labor.... Strings and parts extra.  If repairs /       
           parts are required, I will contact you for authorization before proceeding)

Fretwork:  Level Crown and Polish, Complete and partial re-frets (includes L.C.P.),I can dress those sharp ends for ya too!

Electronics: Diagnostic (ie.. find out why the heck it doesn't work!!!!), Pickup Swaps, control swaps, treble bleed circuits, Jack replacements, battery box         
           installation for active pickups (involves attacking the back of your guitar with a router though!!)

Headstock Repairs:  Yes..  If you've snapped the headstock off your Gibby... I can put it back on!!!!

Custom Necks:  If your guitar is of the bolt on variety, I can build you an entirely new neck to your specifications  CLICK FOR EXAMPLE

Bone Nuts:  One of the most common things i do in the shop is replace warn out, crappy, plastic string nuts with custom fit and                                                 
           polished bone nuts.  BONE FOR TONE BABY!!!!!

Acoustic Bridge Repair / Replacement:  Yes I work on "Cowboy Geetarz" as well..  I have "tooled up" to be able to re-set,                                                          
           re-glue, repair or replace the wooden bridge on your acoustic.  

Acoustic Pickup / preamp / end-pin jack installations:  I can make it look like it came from the factory like that!!

Tuner Replacement:  Replacing tuners can be very easy, however, when working with vintage instruments, it is sometimes                                                       
           necessary to do some surgery on the tuner or the instrument, or both, before the job can be done.. this is where I come in!